CapeOmega’s strategy is to add significant value for stakeholders through effectively managing all phases of the operations.

This includes production, maritime operations, maintenance, asset and facility management, and not least environmental management.

CapeOmega will not compromise safety, health or the environment in their approach, and aims to be renowned for delivering new solutions to the energy sector.

Our Mission

Create value for our shareholders and other stakeholders by building a technically acknowledged, financially strong and profitable infrastructure portfolio.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct describes the way we conduct business. We have developed ten core principles that describe our expectations with respect to business conduct. Our overall ambition is to make ethical, responsible and value-adding decisions.

Our Vision

CapeOmega will be the leading infrastructure owner in Northern Europe supporting energy demand and emission reduction ambitions of the future.


The Core Values

CapeOmega core values complement and support our strategy.

We shall be a frontrunner with creative solutions to new or existing challenges. We shall strive for safe and efficient solutions.

Management shall create a multidisciplinary work culture with focus on “development for the future”.

We shall demonstrate responsibility and ownership to all operations. We shall provide the right attitude and ethics.

Management shall support personnel with guidance and respect.

 We shall work in compliance to professional standards and constantly strive to expand our competence.

Management shall focus on competence enhancement for career development.

CapeOmega shall be renowned as an environmentally responsible energy infrastructure company, promoting and delivering environmentally responsible solutions whether transport, processing, or production.