CapeOmega is an energy infrastructure company supporting the energy transition and low carbon maritime value chains.

From being the largest private infrastructure owner on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, to developing the next generation of low carbon maritime infrastructure.

This will be attained through:

  • Making strategic infrastructure investments,
  • Using fit for purpose green technologies,
  • Ensuring safe and effective operations management,
  • Partnering with industry leading operators, ship owners, energy companies, and financial institutions.

CapeOmega takes its name from a cape on the coast of Queen Maud’s Land, near the Omega Glacier. It is believed to be one of the cleanest places on earth and represents our commitment to maintaining a strong environmental focus.

The company is backed by Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm, acting on behalf of its clients. CapeOmega seeks to invest in key infrastructure that supports the energy transition including transmission of gases to European markets, LNG to global markets, emission reduction technologies, and future Hydrogen and CO2 transportation value chains.

Extended Management​

Evy Glørstad


Morten Haukebø

Vice President HSSEQ

Robert Farestveit


Kenneth J. Asbjørnsen


Nicolay Kuhnle

COO Maritime

Therese Støle Skogstrand

Strategy & Portfolio Manager

Erick Larson

Chief Commercial Officer

Svein Spanne

Principal Advisor

Kristian B. Brandsegg

Business Development Coordinator