0CapeOmega AS awarded its first CO2 licence in Norway

Today, Wintershall Dea Norge AS and CapeOmega AS have been awarded an exploration permit for CO2 storage in an acreage in the Norwegian part of the North Sea.

This is the third time acreage is awarded to store CO2 pursuant to the Norwegian CO2 Storage Regulations, and the fourth acreage awarded to store CO2 on the Norwegian continental shelf.

“Permanent storage of CO2 offshore provides an important step towards meeting Europe’s climate and carbon reduction goals, so we look forward to working with Wintershall DEA Norge AS to develop a safe and efficient storage facility,” states Evy Glørstad, CapeOmega CEO. “The license award also marks an important step in CapeOmega’s development to be a leading energy transition infrastructure owner.”

CapeOmega is proud to have been awarded the licence and are looking forward to further maturing and developing the project together with Wintershall Dea Norge AS.