CapeOmega AS continue to deliver strong and stable results from the gas infrastructure operations. The revenue in 2022 amounted to NOK 9 190 million (2021: NOK 7 032), with the EBITDA amounted to NOK 5 794 million             (2021: NOK 4 851 million). Net profit for the year amounted to NOK 491 million (2021: NOK 511 million).

In addition to the Group’s ownership within gas infrastructure, the Group is engaged in the shipping of energy transitioning fuel and carbon capture solutions. CapeOmega Gas Transportation AS entered into partnership with Knutsen LNG AS to invest in an additional four LNG vessels in 2022, bringing the portfolio of co-invested LNG vessels up to a total of ten. The first two LNG vessels were delivered and started operations in 2022, with an additional three having been delivered as of July 2023. Five vessels are currently under construction. The vessels are expected to be up to 40% more fuel efficient than traditional LNG tankers and are on long term charters with energy majors.

No distributions from the Group, with all cash generated in 2022 having been re-invested in our existing business and further expansion of our LNG portfolio. The Group’s equity amounts to NOK 3 368 million.